This pages is about Top 5 Social media  Apps most of the people watched now.

1. Facebook

This is the First  popular  application that most of the people use. 

 Facebook  is the best and most used application in world. It is very popular Social media app in the world today. Now Facebook updates so many things and it attracts everyone even a kids also use Facebook  today a lot. Across the world more than 20 billion Facebook users are there. There are 100 million active users are here. It is the very popular for about 10 years.
You want known about founders and information  about  Facebook you see the below link. How is this created and when will create who will create  this type info about facebook is in that link and that is wikipiedia.
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2. What's app
This is the second  popular application  that  most  of the people use. 
Everybody  use what's app and everyone  share there day to day activities and their personal  and professional contact more people use this. In our world what's app are used by so many billions  of people and many new what's app  are available  today like GB, FM and many new what's  are there. This is the second popular world wide application today. 
Who created this?
How to create  this?
and so many Information  is here,
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This is the Third popular application  that most of the people  use.

Instagram  this is popular  in  these days because  of these new features  and new updates  attract every one this used  by billions  of people and we connect to world and it is near to the Facebook but not more than that.

Insta is now viral because of new updates.
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4. Twitter 

This is the fourth popular application that most of the people use.

Twitter  is popular  for so many years and  there is one rease that is so many celebrities  are use this for their  personal  use and it is for time passes. This is one of the popular  application  and now also. There are really so many famous celebrities  use this. This is created in the year 2007. This also the best social media app and it is used by more users.

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5. Tik Tok 

This is the  viral application  and it received  fifth place.

Tik Tok this the recent  popular  application and in our society  and everyone  most attracts  to this and so may do videos and upload in it and they become popular in today this is in everyone's  mobile  most of the people  using  this to see videos. This viral in India  and it become to take lives  of people  while they  doing to take videos for this. So many of the common  people  popular  from this so it is become vial in all over the world telugu people are second place of the percentage of using this for more info
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