Hi Everyone,
 Many of the people wanted  to see tech news and millions  of people waiting  for new telugu tech updates.
So many youtubers or any one want upcoming tech information  about anything.
Millions  of visitors  attracted to see tech news and in telugu tech channels  are generating  good income as compared to others.
Now we see top 3 telugu tech channels.
According  to subscribers some channels  are popular  according  to visitors  some  channels are popular.
We consider  both thing and selected three channels.

Top 3 YouTube  channel.

Tech logic in Telugu
This is the top 3 tech youtube channel in telugu.
This the one of the popular tech channel in telugu.
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Top 2 YouTube  channel.

Telugu techworld
This is the second  popular  tech channel in telugu and in this channel tech updates  is not more.
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Top 1 YouTube  channel. 

Prasad tech in telugu

This channel having nearly 1 million subscribers.
So many people see prasad's youtube videos and also his videos become trending  in some time this is the top 1 telugu tech channel.
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NOTE : we select the only channel that they upload in youtube only tech video and become popular now.  We take below millions  subscribers channels.

Telugu tech tuts YouTube  channel  is top 1 so many said but we leave the hafiz because  that channel having more than million  subscribers.